Client: FED by Alex

FED by Alex provides wholesome meals that nurture and nourish families. Because they are fully cooked from scratch and then frozen on a bi-weekly basis and delivered- these meals offer customers the opportunity to have something taken off their metaphorical plate and onto the ones in their kitchen cupboard. Alex booked the full custom brand and e-commerce website package for Shopify. She then added on packaging.

The Promise:

Your lives are busy and bustling and we’re here to help make sure you can keep up and stay full. We believe in the deep and loving bonds that can form across a table, over a meal. We want to help you create a renewed embrace to nurturing and nourishing your family by giving you homestyle meals that are simple to serve. Because you deserve to feel truly well FED by Alex. Let us help take care of you.

What Alex Had to Say

An iPad displaying the 'About Us' page of FED, placed on a wooden table next to pencils and a glass of water.
A mockup showcasing the FED by Alex website on multiple devices including a laptop, tablet, and phone, illustrating the responsive design.
A person holding a smartphone with the FED by Alex website on it.