Client: Ruby Pebble Financial Planning

Jamie booked the custom brand design and completely cultivated the website design package. I crafted their brand with a focus on inclusion of the non-traditional, education and understanding, and trust.  Below is just a peek at the project. 

The Promise:

Jamie, the founder of Ruby Pebble Financial Planning believes early retirement, lifestyle upgrades, and separate finances aren’t unrealistic—they’re simply unheard, misunderstood, and underserved by the financial planning industry.

They are here to change that.

Inspired by direct actionable steps and pristine organization, they take financial planning that was once unapproachable and confining, and offer tailored made – technology supported- solutions to each client who chooses them. Because they believe achieving financial dreams, no matter how untraditional, is more than an option, it’s a true possibility.

What Jamie Had to Say

A lighthouse with a logo on the top of the image that reads "Ruby Pebble Financial Planning"