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High Converting Copywriter Website Examples 

As a copywriter, your words are what sell, but your website is how you sell them. If you look at copywriter website examples, they don’t only have strategic copy, they also have an intuitive design that keeps their ideal clients scrolling. 

You have the words, and as a brand and web designer, it is my job to bring those words to life on your website. There are a few key aspects of your website that you want to focus on to transform your site from a resource to your highest converting marketing tool. 

So, if you are ready to see your website work for you, check out everything you need to know about your website and see real copywriter website examples.  

Why Copywriter Websites are Important + Tips for Your Site

Before we jump into what you need on your website, let’s talk about why your website is so important for your business. Firstly, this is going to be the place where your own copywriting can shine. 

Yes, you want your social media, emails, and everything else to show off your skills as a copywriter, but your website is where you can really show off how you can help elevate other businesses. 

Your website becomes your playground where you can dive into all of the important factors that go into your style of copywriting, talk about why it is so important, show off your own strategies, and give people a peek into what it is like working with you. 

When it comes to your site, you want to also make sure that you make it very clear and easy to navigate. This means, you want to make each of your pages skimmable and use buttons and links that people are easily going to recognize. 

Highlighting the most important pieces of information throughout your pages (either by calling them out in headings, in different colors, or in different fonts) is a great way to make your site more skimmable. Not everyone is going to read every word on your site, but you want to make sure the most important strategies are called out visually. 

You also want to make sure all of your buttons and links use language that is clear and expected. I know you know all about the words, but sometimes it’s important to consider what those words look like on the pages. 

For example, someone is more likely to quickly recognize a link as a blog link if it is named “blog” versus “journal.”

The Importance of a Portfolio as a Copywriter 

While it is important for all of the pages on your website to be strategically built, your portfolio is so important as a copywriter. This is where you can really highlight your versatility and show prospective clients how you can adapt and create copy for any brand or the specific brands you serve within your niche

A great approach to building a portfolio is to create case studies for each of the clients you write copy for. This allows you to go into detail more about each individual aspect of the project and show the transformation that you provided. 

Some key details you can include on these pages are:

  • the actual service that you offered them (if you do have multiple different copywriting services)
  • what the client does so visitors can see the full range of clients you work with
  • what they were struggling with before and how you helped overcome that 
  • finally a testimonial from that client. 

The key here is showing the transformation. When people are researching copywriters, they obviously have a problem that they need solved when it comes to their copy. The more you can show how you consistently help solve these types of problems for your clients the better. 

Copywriter Website Examples 

Meg Kendall : Climate Tech Copywriter

Meg Kendall Copywriting is a copywriting service provider that researches and cultivates a message to inspire change and empower action. We wanted to create a website for her that conveyed that exact message. 

Built on WordPress, we created a site that is dynamic and has subtle movement to keep visitors interested and scrolling without being overwhelming. We used clear buttons and navigation to make the site easy to navigate while also using color to make her site feel anything but flat. 

Another beneficial touch that we added was features for her awards and credentials as well as past clients that she has worked with right on the home page. This is a great way to build trust and credibility right off the bat with new visitors and show that you are an expert in your field- especially since she specialized in writing for bio-tech and climate tech/change companies. It’s a very specific niche that needs proof for understanding the science behind the words

When it came to her portofolio, we kept it simple, but effective. We made sure to include a bit of background information on each client, the problem they were facing, as well as the solution that they came up with. In addition to that, we also linked out to each client’s individual sites so that visitors can see first hand what the end results look like. 

The Results:

I came to Bethany because I wanted to uplevel my positioning, and be more cohesive in my overall approach to my business. Before working with Bethany I didn’t have much of a brand (I mean, I know I technically did, because your brand is how other people perceive your business, but it was totally hodgepodged together with no real strategy, no visual identity, and no consistency). Now I have the brand identity elements of my dreams and a BEAUTIFUL website that I am so proud of. Seriously – it’s already made such a difference in my confidence. I’m so excited to fully embody the brand strategy and vibe that Bethany has laid out for me. She seriously nailed it. – Meg

Slade Copy House | Psychology-Backed Copy House

Slade Copy House, founded by Haley Slade, is a copywriting agency that is committed to helping mission-driven brands stand out with psychology-driven copy. Haley’s brand is  bright and colorful – despite her work being rooted in strategy. We wanted to balance her fun and cheery personality with her serious approach- thus the many bright blazers. 

We made sure to utilize her entire color palette and used her font suite to help call out specific text and headings. Videos and GIFs were added to keep visitors interested and add a bit of movement throughout the site. 

Her authority is highlighted right off the bat with a “trusted by” bar at the top of her home page to instantly build that credibility with visitors. We also wanted to make the process clear from the start and added a section laying out each step on the home page. 

When it came to her portfolio, we wanted to really create a story for each client and highlight their entire transformation. We started with a brief description of the business and what their need was when they came to Slade Copy House. 

Next, we talked about the results that they saw as well as a link to their live site so you can see the copy in action. Finally, we closed it out with a testimonial from the client talking about how amazing their experience was. 

The Results

Haley saw after her new brand and website launched took her from invisible to influential. After launching she has quadrupled her previous income, but more importantly, went from 0 inquiries on her website to consistent inquiries. 

Not only was she seeing inquiries on her site, but also from her branded email marketing and social media leading to consistent $15,000+ months. 

Her new website helped her gain recognition from prominent industry players and her traffic grew from 100 impressions to 254 thousand impressions in the last 16 months. All of these stats prove that serious brands that are trusted by high end companies don’t need to be shades of beige and blue to be successful. 

Final Thoughts on Websites for Copywriters 

When it comes to your website as a copywriter, not only do you want to make sure you are showing off your brand and your personality, but you also want to make sure you are highlighting your client’s transformations through your portfolio. 

While you want your website to be professional, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and make it stand out from the crowd, just like these copywriter website examples. 

If you are ready to create your own website that highlights all that you do, let’s talk. You can click here to learn more about my brand and web design services or you can get in touch with me here.