Client: Meg Kendall Copywriting

Meg Kendall, the founder and solopreneur behind this brand is botanist turned copywriter who works specifically with bio-tech companies who are changing the world. Meg booked the custom brand package and added on a WordPress website buildout. 

The Promise:

Meg Kendall Copywriting fuses the art of effective communication with the science and tech behind your climate solution. Their signature approach doesn’t just throw words at the wall and hope they stick. Instead, they take their time to research and cultivate a message that inspires change and empowers action.

Kendall’s commitment to this manifests itself through solutions-oriented, straight-talking personable communications which can take on any shape, including: website copywriting, email sequences, articles, and B2B communications. Kendall knows the benefit of adopting a positive and energetic stance towards climate tech. Her mission is to make the issue of climate change real to people by providing them with salient and tangible facts to make it more relevant, more approachable, and easy to understand. She intends to continue to use words to change how people think and act for the better.

What MEG Had to Say