Black text on a white color block with a yellow to orange to pink gradient behind. Black text is on the white box that says, "Colors that represent positive energy."

Colors That Represent Positive Energy

What exactly are the colors that represent positive energy? If you’re wondering this, then you’re in the right place!

Selecting a color family is one of my all-time favorite things about design strategy. Of course, you want to choose colors you personally enjoy for your brand – but did you know that colors go waaaay past personal preferences? There’s a ton of psychology behind color selection, and I’m here to share some of it with you today. 

Keep reading to learn about colors that bring positive energy, so you can bring some positivity to your brand.

Why Choosing The Right Colors Is Essential

Colors evoke reactions in us and stir up specific feelings even when we’re not aware of them consciously. If you’ve been focusing solely on your messaging and content, it’s time to take this thing to another level because aesthetics have a lot to do with the way your brand is perceived. 

Choosing the right colors can give your brand a boost before you ever say a word.

My strategic design process always employs color psychology when building brands and design elements – and it’s actually one of my first steps (after the strategy, of course). 

I’ve seen it for myself – the right color can stir up the perfect emotion, send some serious nonverbal cues, and influence buyers! When you work with me, we’ll find out exactly who you are, what kind of brand you want to build, and what kind of customer you want to sell to – and I’ll build a brand that caters to that specific persona based on your brand archetypes.

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Colors That Show Positive Energy 

Some businesses want their clients to feel calm and cozy, but today, we’re focusing on businesses that bring the hype. Positive energy, here we come!

Brands that focus on good vibes and good times can use aesthetics, like fonts and colors, to bring the party and attract clients who also radiate hope and joy. Some of these positive energy colors include pink, yellow, and orange.

PINK: Hope and Love

Collage with two images. On the left is a grid of 9 different colored squares with various logos, brand, marks and patterns for Nurse Fern. On the right is the bottom corner of a piece of paper with It's Whit Radacina's logo on it.
Nurse Fern and It’s Whit Radacina both use pink to bring in a softer, positive feeling to their brands.

Pink is formed from a combination of red, white, and blue – and it pulls some key characteristics from all of these. Red, as we discussed in What Color Represents Strength, is full of passion and high energy, while blue contributes a kind of trustworthiness that inspires hope.

Add white to soften things out a bit, and you get pink, a color known for the softer side of love and romance, as well as all things fun, flirty, and feminine. Psychologically speaking, pink is an effective mood regulator, so adding it in the right proportions for your brand offers a calm but hopeful presence in your brand – a perfect color of positivity. 

YELLOW: Optimism and Happiness

Collage with three images. The top right features the Lauren still living logo in green and yellow. On the bottom left is a picture of the corner of a paper with the For Victory submark on it. The right side features the Lively Creative's brand mark laid on an image with a yellow overlay.
Yellow brings a bright, uplifting feeling to these brands.

Of all the colors in the world, yellow wins the prize for “most noticeable to the human eye.” If you’re looking to turn heads and capture attention with a fun-loving brand and positive colors, yellow is a must-have in your color palette. 

Yellow has been psychologically proven to boost energy, awareness, and even metabolism! It stimulates our creative process, which can help us get “unstuck” and make quick decisions. It’s a seriously powerful color when it comes to colors that represent positive energy. 

Like any color, though, yellow must be used correctly. Its brightness and boldness can cause eye fatigue and even mood agitation if it’s not broken up with complementary colors – turns out, there can be too much of a good thing! But when properly applied, yellow can symbolize happiness, creativity, and a bright future ahead. 

ORANGE: Energy and Confidence

Collage with three images. The top left features a white Force Art Therapy logo placed on an image with an orange overlay. The bottom left image features 5 white Family Money Adventure logos laid on different colored backgrounds. The right side features a cocktail glass with an orange drink and blue key in it garnished with an orange slice.
The orange used throughout these brands adds a cheerful energy without being overwhelming.

Orange, a perfect blend of red and yellow, is cheerful – it brings an enthusiastic energy to every brand. Because of its boldness, you’ll see it prominently featured in the colors of many sports teams, as well as traffic signs and bold advertisements. It’s an eye-catcher every time!

Many people associate orange with happy, cheerful things – think refreshing citrus or vivid sunsets. In the world of color psychology, we think of orange as a color that audiences have a “gut reaction” to, rather than an analytical one. This can be a plus or minus, just like any color. It all depends on the strategy employed by your designer! 

Let You & Your Colors Bring the Positivity!

If good energy is a cornerstone of your brand, which color aligns most with your vibe? Are you a bold, high-energy brand that inspires joy in others, or do you draw them in with your hopeful, loving presence? 

There’s plenty of room for all three of these bright and fun colors to thrive in a brand, and there are strategic design choices that can show off your personality, no matter which colors you’re drawn to – so pick colors that feel right to you, and watch dream clients come knocking at your door.

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