Client: Liz Brindley

Liz Brindley is an award-winning contemporary working artist, coach for budding creatives, and a top-ranking educator. Sought after for both her vibrant murals + illustrations that fuse realism with abstraction; and her signature approach to teaching creative business through the lens of

The Promise:

Liz Brindley’s work is rooted in creativity as a force of nature – capable of bringing life into spaces, onto pages, and within your business. Using metaphor, color, and intuition to teach and create, her aim is to evoke joy, inspire authenticity, and foster positivity. She believes that everyone deserves to experience not just life, but being alive- in their work and in their world. Brindley collaborates with brands by immersing herself in their vision, then magnifying it through her singular illustration style or her signature ‘thrive’ coaching method. She doesn’t believe in boxes or rigid business ‘strategies’ because she never underestimates the power of each individual’s intuition and creativity.

What Liz Had to Say