How to craft an abundance of clients

with an actionable framework & full support in just 8 weeks

I’ve seen too many surface level tactics floating around. The ones that promise “clients flooding your DMs” and “never struggle to make money again.” These always fail because they aren’t sustainable strategies built into your brand foundations.

I’m here to help you implement a sustainable, solid strategy that will generate clients with ease –  without making more reels or “finding your magic.”

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Okay, Entrepreneurs, where are you at with these? 

I get it. 

You’re a tenacious visionary on a mission – but, you’ve probably been told in order to find clients you have to join multiple Facebook groups, “show up“ consistently on social media, find your ‘magic’, create trending reels until your head spins…

Sometimes you feel like you’re searching for clients in “Where’s Waldo?” – other times, you have many clients…yet realize they’ve only come from referrals, and suddenly, you’re left with no more invoices to send, and zero time to find new leads. 

You’ve tried “unapologetically being yourself” (I’ll admit, I roll my eyes at that advice) and your situation still isn’t changing.

…you’ve even secretly wondered if you should apply for a W-2 job again. (spoiler alert…you DON’T need to, but we have all been there!)

Large green palm fawns for vacation rental branding collateral.

Now you’re ready to

Unlock a sustainable business foundation…one that is both unmistakable & client generating

It’s your time to skip the friend zone and go straight into the money pit. Posting and praying but still waking up to an empty inbox is no longer your path…

You’re ready to have a calculated approach to finding clients, spotlight your competitive edge, and be profitably independent for the first time.

You crave an intensive strategy that builds from the inner workings of your business foundations…one that isn’t just a quick fix.

Truth is: we both know you have something INCREDIBLE to offer – you just need the brand foundation in place to skip from just surviving to absolutely thriving with control over getting clients!

Here’s the thing

You can develop a way to sign on steady clients and have an abundance of money

without slimy tactics or making more content…

It’s time to master the art of client generation by building your brand foundations on a strategic framework that lays the path for you to be profitably independent 

Mentorship Clients Who Implemented the Framework & Saw Results 

Is this perfect for where you are?

You need this program if you…

If you’re like…welll I actually have clients BUT…

  • they are not the caliber clients I want  
  • They are all referrals – I don’t have another system in place
  • I’m ready to start charging MORE per client

I want you to know

If you identified with either list above, I don’t want you to feel bad about it.

You know how to do something AMAZING for others – you just weren’t taught how to build your brand foundations or implement client generation into your business on a regular basis. That is not your fault. 

Listen to these

Transformational Stories

Each person came to me after hitting a wall in their business. I found that each one wanted to implement aspects of pillar 3 into their business while completely skipping over the first 2. But the reality was – they were never going to reach success without solid brand foundations and a strategic product suite with visibility built in…without the groundwork of the first 2 pillars, pillar 3 will never work.

After learning to implement each pillar into the bedrock of their business, these are their stories…

How does this work? 

The Signature Framework

that guides our time together 

Pillar 1

Solidify Your Brand Position

Here I illuminate your positioning and build you concrete messaging and visuals.

Pillar 2

Strategize Your Touchpoints

I help set you up for long term success through visibility, market research, and crafting signature offers.

Pillar 3

Implement Systems That Keep Clients Flowing

Rooted in strategy, we focus on lead generation, retention, and transformation with actionable steps you can take right away.

What's Included

Meet your fierce Instructor - Bethany

With five years of experience teaching both graphic design and English, and nearly a decade spent working within the PNW arts scene and a BFA degree,  I know which visuals attract audiences and which stories stick. Since I started Bethany Works® in 2017, I have been on a mission to get more of the good brand stories out—starting with yours.

How I got here? My client lineup crashed and burned

My business has been thriving for some time. I got to the point where I had been booked out consistently 3 months ahead for over a year. Pretty damn good, right? During that time I had hit $10k months, sold a house & become a nomad, and perfected my process & pricing.

I was investing in my business and it was booming – But then, rather rapidly, I found myself sitting at the end of a month with absolutely no clients lined up for the next one. How the hell did I get here? I was literally having the most successful time in my biz?

I started panicking and questioning myself, my work, and my prices. I even started thinking about applying for a W-2 job again. I was defeated. 

But then I realized that I was self-sabotaging and I didn’t have a process. I’d been surviving on referrals combined with a bit of luck from the universe. I needed a solid framework to get clients…so I dove in, did the hard work, and found out what works.

And I’m here to teach it to you…so you can avoid all of the stress & heartache that I faced and skip straight to pure success.

What is the process? 

The 8 Week breakdown

Pillar 1

Week 1

- Craft your story, positioning, and messaging
- Module: visuals

Pillar 1

Week 2

- Hot seat coaching to review your work
- Brand audit of visuals and personal improvements

Pillar 2

Week 3

- Narrow down your authority
- Module: customer journey vs customer experience
- Build MR questions

Pillar 2

Week 4

- Pitch yourself with group
- Review MR questions and send

Pillar 2

Week 5

- Craft your signature offer
- schedule 1:1 call

Pillar 3

Week 6

- Build your client list and lead gen strategy
- Module: Retaining

Pillar 3

Week 7

- Hot seat coaching
- Voxer support for accountability

Pillar 3

Week 8

- Implementing, sharing wins and full voxer support
- Option to add on a 1:1 call

Is this for you, like really? 

You're going to want to pass on this if you ...

Do not have “done for you” or “done with you” services

Are looking to restructure your business (my 1:1 mentorship will help you with that)

Do not care about value. This mastermind is ALL about honest client retention and value proposition

Already have a strategic lead generation process – that is not referrals – in place 

Are you asking…

But what can I really accomplish through the client generator mastermind? 

Through learning my Client Generator framework, my 1:1 clients have kicked ass and:

✓Hit their first $10k months 

✓Booked their first singular $5k client 

✓Regularly hit $7-8k months 

✓Launched low low ticket products and made $5k in one day 

✓Had their girlfriend quit their job and join the business 

✓Sold out a launch in PRE-launch for a new coaching offer 

✓Had a flowing waitlist of warm leads 

✓Gained real confidence

The Investment

30% off the first container ONLY!

Payment plan option: 4 payments of $548 or Full One Time investment: $2193

You’ve got questions,

I’ve Got Answers

The client generator masterclass is where I break down the framework. It is packed with value, but I think we can both agree that implementing the framework without support is not for the faint of heart (or in my opinion anyone). The mastermind is a collaborative container for US to implement that framework into your business from the ground up. Let’s get that ish done and get you clients on repeat.

This just might be the perfect container for you because you have a chance to dive into the framework and implement it early on! If you do not have a business with offers, then this would not be for you. We will not be ideating on what you do and your zone of genius very much. If that is what you need, consider my more tailored 1:1 mentorship. 

There are no refunds available at this time for the program. If you have any difficulties throughout, you have access to me the whole time, so let’s chat about it. 

Yes! The only scheduled live portion of this container are the weekly calls. I will send out a survey to try and pick a day and time of the week that works best for everyone. On top of these, you will have access to a portal through Thinkific where I will upload weekly recordings and modules for you to review in your own time. 

Yes! You can opt for a payment plan of 5 payments over 5 monhts. Most of my clients opt for this. 

Don’t see your question listed? Send me a note at