Branding For Food Business

Client: FED by Alex

FED by Alex provides wholesome meals that nurture and nourish families.

Because they are fully cooked from scratch, frozen bi-weekly, and delivered, these meals offer customers the opportunity to have something taken off their metaphorical plate and onto the ones in their kitchen cupboard.

Alex booked the full custom brand and e-commerce website package for Shopify. She then added on the packaging development.

The Brand Promise:

Your lives are busy and bustling, and we’re here to help you keep up and stay full. We believe in the deep and loving bonds that can form across a table over a meal.

We want to help you renew your embrace of nurturing and nourishing your family by giving you simple homestyle meals. Because you deserve to feel truly well FED by Alex, let us help take care of you.

What Alex Had to Say

A person holding a smartphone with the FED by Alex website on it.

Branding for food business and restaurant owners

Don’t fall for the one-size-fits-all approach when branding for the food business! Your unique food branding plays an integral role in your food business or restaurant’s growth.

Your brand’s personality only stands out when you share it with your target audience. They can’t read between the lines or guess your brand’s core values. It’s your job to show them what you offer using branding strategies and your brand personality.

Your food products and/or restaurants are unique, and your audience needs to know why they shouldn’t waste another second comparing them to others.

Give your captive audience reasons why you are the one they want to know in the food industry. Your branding and website should directly invite them to your table – literally and metaphorically. 

Your food products or latest menu items should be the ones they share with their friends and family, on their social media channels, and with anyone who will listen, but it all starts with your food branding strategy.

An iPad displaying the 'About Us' page of FED, placed on a wooden table next to pencils and a glass of water.
Image of a woman muddling herbs with a logo on top that reads "FED by Alex".

Why is it important for food businesses and restaurants to have a Brand?

You might think everyone has to eat, so why is food branding important?

But here’s why.

Your potential customers have hundreds of options when choosing food. Yours could get lost in the shuffle without quality food branding strategies. No one will see or understand your unique qualities because they blend in with everything else.

Even if you have the best food in the universe, if its packaging design, color palette, fonts, and brand message don’t stand out, you will get pushed to the back of the shelf (figurately or literally!).

Believe it or not, your food brand has a personality, and to build brand loyalty, you need to share that personality with your audience. You need to find a way to connect with them so that they feel like they cannot go another day without your food. 

The Branding Process For Restaurant and Food Business Owners

How the uplevel begins

We eat with our eyes. Okay, not really, but most of us are visual eaters. We decide what we think of a type of food just by looking at it. That’s why your food branding process and website design is so essential!

Your potential customers decide what they think of your products before they open their mouths. Everything about your brand identity, from the packaging design to your website and everything in between, gives your dishes unique branding.

If you want your brand positioning to put you at the top of your ideal clients’ fave foods list, here’s what you must do.

step 1

Defining Your Brand Identity

The food your company makes won’t be for everyone. That’s just the name of the game, but who IS it for in your eyes? Take the time to consider your target audience’s symptoms and what pain points you solve for them. Give them an avatar and get as many valuable insights from them as possible.

When we work with our clients, we help them envision everything possible about their target audience. What do they like and not like? What are their demographics? What are their values? What does your company help them achieve?

When creating your brand identity, we’ll consider your story and the voice you want your brand to have. As you think about your brand messaging, it’s crucial to know what set you apart from the competition and why your audience should choose you over anyone else.

step 2

Designing Your Visual Brand Guidelines

Your visual brand guidelines set the pace for everything you do. It should encompass your logo design, typography, color palette, images, and even feelings you want your audience to experience when interacting with your food.

The key is to bring your brand to life and help your ideal client envision what they would feel when consuming your products. Or, they may envision how your service could save their busy family time or help them cater to a specific diet.

Think about what your audience would want to know the most about your food and we’ll collaborate on that to create the unique identity that sets your brand apart.

step 3

Sending Your Brand Out Into the Wild

Once we’ve created your branding elements, it’s time to share them with the world! You can use your brand voice in brick-and-mortar retailers, packaging design, your website, social media channels, emails, signs, banners, business cards, and swag!

This builds customer loyalty because you create a recognizable brand that makes people feel good when they see it. Food manufacturers, services, or media often use catchy colors or elements- something that’s memorable and sets their food products apart from any others that may try to compete.

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Food Branding Services You Can Find at Bethany Works


At Bethany Works®, my team and I create a brand story that naturally becomes recognized by your target audience on every channel, whether in-person, on your website, on social media pages, or anywhere else.

We bring your food to life, showcasing its unique value proposition. Our goal is for your brand to evolve into a sensation.

What we don’t do is throw together a website and evade technical details about your food. It’s our job to get to know not only what you sell but the ins and outs of your company.

What makes your company tick? Why did you create your food and beverages, and what’s your mission?

We use this information to find your target customers and create a visual identity that they not only recognize but love.

In our branding strategies, we get to know your customers, what they like and don’t like about the food products already in the industry, and how your brand solves any inequalities.

At Bethany Works®, we look at the big picture. We call it psychology-backed branding, which is our specialty. 

All of this is achieved with strong branding that ties together all the pieces while leaving room for responsive design and calls to action.

What Are the Benefits of a Food Business Branding Agency Like Bethany Works?

When you work with an agency that does branding for food business, like Bethany Works®, you work with a brand designer who looks at your entire company. We don’t focus only on your website or packaging design.

We do it all because it ALL must tie together to get that loyal customer base.

Your design, from packaging to your website and everything in between, will be unique to YOUR brand. Your website won’t look like any other food branding in the business because those businesses are run by different personalities with different goals and customers.

What you get when you work with us is a fully engaged branding and website design team who gets to know every inch of your business. When we create your branding, even you will be blown away by the first impression.

Our Framework for Brand Strategy and Design

You are more than the creator of a food brand or restaurant. You are a company with REAL people behind it, creating a brand story that consumers emotionally connect with when done right.

Missing the mark could mean missing out on a large part of your target market, but we don’t let that happen.

Every single branding element we create is ONE-OF-A-KIND, just like the food you whipped up. You are the expert at creating food and establishing a restaurant, and we are the experts at food branding.

This isn’t a cut-and-paste template that we tweak to make you look a ‘little different.’ This is a from-scratch branding strategy that hits every key element that goes into your business.

After learning the psychology and personality behind your restaurant or food brand, your brand’s story will begin to unfold, and we cannot wait to tell it.

Bethany Works Is a Website Design & Branding Agency Helping You Unearth Your psychology-backed brand

Food branding is an art, just like the food and meals you sell. You need to tell a story with your branding, showcasing your brand’s values with pictures, colors, packaging, and the right words.

At Bethany Works®, I create a brand and website design that brings forth the psychology in your brand so that your new and existing customers cannot help but keep coming back for more.

Yes, we do the market research and learn the market trends, but then we also create a brand that speaks to your target customers in a way that no other brand does. Everything is unique because it tells the story of your brand and your brand only.

If you’re ready to create a visual identity that no one else can replicate and helps you stand out from the crowd, let’s talk.


I’ve got you. Here are answers to a few common questions:

Branding for food businesses is essential to beat the competition. It’s an investment in your company.

Because we understand the decisions involved in choosing your branding, we are completely transparent about our pricing. You can see the prices right on our website.

They start at $3,800 for personal brands only and go up to $34,997.99, with several packages in between.

At Bethany Works®, you won’t find templates, copying and pasting, or reused branding and marketing campaigns.

So, the length of your branding process depends on many factors, including how long it takes us to get to know your business inside and out. On average, expect 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish, but each branding process differs.

We offer packages for just branding and also branding + website design. You can pick which you want for your business, but tying everything together with a cohesive brand is essential for success.

Strong food branding encompasses all aspects of your products, from the packaging to the signs. It also includes any touch points your customers have with your brand, not just your product.

It begins with brand recognition, which your audience should get from your website, social media channels, emails, and any other marketing materials used. They should get the vibe you are portraying just by seeing or touching your brand.