2 juicy brand strategy tips for unbreakable brands

By now you know that branding is not just about your logo or your fonts. So you know these brand strategy tips won’t include anything about color schemes.

But even though all my clients know that, there’s one thing that continues to surprise me.

And that’s the gap between how ready they think they are for a new brand and how ready they actually are.

This is why brand strategy is so important– your brand permeates everything you do.

Your brand determines the way you show up on social, in your sales calls, and at in-person events.

Your brand determines how you discuss pain points, how you solve problems for your clients, and how you close new business.

So even if you’re not ready to work with me to create an unbreakable brand just yet, here are two of my best brand strategy tips.

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Brand Strategy Tip 1: Start with the wants, end with the feels

I’m sure you’ve heard the brand-building advice to “address their pain points” before, but let’s take things a step further.

Weave in their internal struggles.

Specifically, name the feelings around their want or their need.

Remember, emotions control our buying decisions.

Logic comes after that.

It’s a formula:

External + internal = Your Solution to Solve both.

Brand strategy Tip 2: Define your brand profit

When you’re building your brand strategy, consider profit.

Or… have your brand strategist and designer (aka: me) do it for you.

Profit for brands that put their clients first happens when values overlap.

Remember middle school math?

eesh – sorry for that 😉

… but it’s probably where you first learned about Venn Diagrams.

The reason I mention Venn Diagrams is that your brand profit is one.

On one side is what you care about and provide, and on the other is what your clients care about and need.

The overlap is where you’ll profit, again and again.

So make sure it’s aligned.

These are just two pieces I build into my clients’ brand strategies.

I also do things like:

  • Create shot lists for photoshoots that my clients can hand to their photographer
  • Build brands that reflect the client’s unique values
  • Ensure that the website is set up for conversion and not just another pretty brochure

I’m a strategic partner.