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Let’s Get Your Budding Business Blooming

With The Brand Bloom,  I build your brand in 3 days. (Yes, for real).  For new business owners and entrepreneurs, I use the power of strategy & design to create a brand that feels like you. The best part? You’re not using a scraped-together Canva logo or trying to piece together your ideas.  I help you connect with your clients or customers. (And I know that’s essential as you grow in your budding business)

What The 3 Day
Brand Blooming Looks Like

Your Commitment Is Only 30min At The Start Plus Feedback & The Hand Off. Leave the Design to Me, Then You Go Bloom

Day 1: Strategy & Creative Direction

We start the day with a 30 minute strategy call because no brand is complete without strategy. We need to do a deep dive into your business goals, personality, presence, and your visual homework.

By the end of Day 1, I will send over 2 creative direction options. This includes a mood board and color palette. You will choose one of the two to move forward with.

Day 2: Brand Identity Build

You can get back to your business and I will spend the bulk of the day working on your identity. During this time I use psychology and our strategy to back the design, with you purpose center stage of course!

Your brand identity will include your brand personality, mood board, color palette, typographic logo, submark, font pairings, 3 social templates.

Day 3: Delivery & Offboarding

On day 3, I assemble your brand presentation and deliver all of your files to you- ready for immediate use. We hop on our final call and I go over your brand, how to use the files, and how to stay on brand in the future.

That’s it! Now you are ready to carve our your space in the online wold with the brand strategy and visuals to boot.

Keep in mind there are no edits or revisions. You have a choice of creative direction, but after that, you’ve got to put trust in my 8 plus years of experience and my expertise in creating psychology-backed brands to create you and your audience with an incredible brand experience. 

In three days you’re no longer a wallflower.

  1. Strategy & Creative Direction to position your budding business. 
  2. Brand Identity Build to look polished, professional, and cohesive. 
  3. Delivery & Offboarding so you can confidently show up on brand in your biz. 

The Investment

A One-time Payment of $1800

If booking in advance, you will pay a $400 deposit and $1400 in full one week prior to the project start date.

Branding for the Budding Business

Let's Make Sure The Brand Bloom Is Right For You

This is for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

Each Brand Bloom Delivers

Brand Personality & Moodboard

You will have a mini brand strategy by defining your brand personality and a moodboard built with free for commercial use stock photos.

Font Pairings & Color Palette

You will get a psychology backed color palette and a font hierarchy plus pairing so you know how to use the fonts in your future website build or on social.

Typographic Logo & Submark

You will have a main logo that is type based and submark - which is an helpful alternative for your logo.

3 Social Templates

To make sure you can immediately start using your new brand identity you will be given 3 social templates for the platform of your choice using you new branding.

Stop Scrolling Pinterest & Start Building A Cohesive Brand So You can Look Professional & Polished

Are you new to the online world and your mind is overwhelmed by everything- including the endless options? (No thanks to Pinterest) 

Don’t opt for the Canva logo everyone has and color palette you ‘kind of’ like. Instead, let’s build your brand using psychology and strategy (my specialty!) that helps you to look professional and polished. 

A cohesive brand will help you carve out a niche, but a cohesive brand that is backed by psychology-driven design (aka a specific archetype) will give you the power to speak with confidence in your visuals and messaging to your ideal clients. That means your efforts to grow your budding business actually work.

FAQ - The Brand Bloom

There are no edits or revisions with the brand bloom. If you want this kind of flexibility than you The Custom Brand Build is more in line with your needs. 

Of course! These are VIP intensive days and I am focused on working with you during this time. It is dedicated to you and your project which is why we can still create quality designs backed by psychology during this time. 

The chances of that happening are very low. This is especially true because we take the time to have an initial call and you complete visual homework ahead of time. Keep in mind that The Brand Bloom is non-refundable and will not carry on beyond the three days. Should you want additional changes or options, then opt for The Custom Brand Design. 

No, we do not have an option to add another day to the project. This is a 3 day intensive and then our time together is done. However, if you loved the result but decide you need more marks, additional collateral and/or the full strategy, then we can chat about an upgrade to The Custom Brand Build. 

You can work on building your new business. Let me handle the design that will attract your your ideal clients and customers.